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9/15/11:  Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC has been selected to present TWO programs at Heli-Expo 2012.

"Familiarity breeds complacency, we must strive to learn something new each and every flight to avoid falling prey to this fatal trap."

Eric Pangburn, Chief AMRM Instructor

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Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC is committed to rotorcraft safety, education and advancement.

Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC is a passion driven organization that utilizes a TEAM approach while combining more than 100 years of rotorcraft experience by industry experts to provide SAFETY SOLUTIONS for pilots and crew members specifically for the Air Medical industry. Our dedicated focus is on solutions designed specifically for the Air Medical Industry. We also focus on the overall enhancement and SAFETY of our industry by conducting second-to-none professional development seminars, workshops and expert witness services including technical expertise in various accident investigations.