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Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC is committed to rotorcraft safety, education and advancement. In addition to offering second to none training programs and services to the Air Medical Industry we also offer other professional services including:


Expert Testimony

Shawn Coyle, our resident provider of Expert Testimony, has probably flown more types of helicopters than any other pilot in America. His range of experience spans production test flying, medevac missions, and training. He is a former instructor at the US Navy Test Pilot School, the National Test Pilot School and the Empire Test Pilot School. In addition to authoring numerous articles for industry leading periodicals Mr. Coyle is the author of the leading helicopter instructional text, Cyclic & Collective.

Mr. Coyle is available to consult in legal proceedings which require a world-class helicopter expert. His areas of expertise include accident review, failure to train and lack of training for operational pilots, and training curriculum review.

Law Firms desiring consultation and case review may Contact Us to learn more about these services. Professional legal references available upon request.


Accident Investigation / Reconstruction

Under the skillful eye of Shawn Coyle, Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC has participated in numerous cases where it was necessary to determine sequences of events based on flight data recorders, engine data recorders and raw evidence from accident sites and wreckage inspections. Coyle's experience in engineering flight test combined with his experience in communication has resulted in timely complete reports to our clients.

Featured Books


40 Years Afore The Mast
Two Book Set

By Shawn Coyle

Cyclic & Collective
The Little Book of Autorotations
Two Book Set

By Shawn Coyle

Helicopter Aerodynamics
Volume I & Volume II
Two Book Set

By Ray Prouty

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