Professional Development Seminars

Does your organization need a customized training program? We have industry-recognized experts on our staff available to deliver a wide array of topics to any level of audience. We can tailor programs for any aspect of the industry including; flight instructor development, law enforcement and EMS.

Our programs can be developed for both civilian and governmental entities. Topics include:

Use of Low Coar Simulation for Better Training

Learn about your Helicopter Autopilot

Helicopter Fundamentals and Beyond

Helicopter Aerodynamics without Equations

For more information on scheduling a Professional Development Seminars for your organization, contact us at (661) 333-6976 today.

Featured Books


40 Years Afore The Mast
Two Book Set

By Shawn Coyle

Cyclic & Collective
The Little Book of Autorotations
Two Book Set

By Shawn Coyle

Helicopter Aerodynamics
Volume I & Volume II
Two Book Set

By Ray Prouty

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