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Expert Witness on Helicopter Accidents

Expert Witness on Helicopter Accidents

Shawn has worked on over 30 helicopter cases, ranging from immigration support for specialized skill-pilots to helicopter ranging in size from small to large. And from simple to advanced technology items such as digital fuel controls.

His experience in civil certification provides insight into the more complex aspects, while retaining the basics from over 6,000 flight hours in nearly 50 different types of rotary wing aircraft.

An Author

Shawn has been writing on helicopters since 1989 for several different helicopter magazines. As an instructor, he taught test pilots how to write detailed, highly technical reports clearly. His books have been praised for not only their content but for their writing style.

A Helicopter Expert

Do you need an expert witness in your legal proceedings? Mr. Coyle is a world-class helicopter expert that can help you with this. He was a former instructor at the US Navy Test Pilot School, the National Test Pilot School, and has over 12 years of experience teaching experimental flight testing. His areas of expertise include accident review, simulator development and training.

Get in Touch

If your law firm needs a consultation or case review, you may contact the office of Mr. Coyle today to learn more about the services he offers. Professional legal references may also be available upon your request.

Helicopter Aerodynamics Without Equations

It is a one-day course that tackles beyond the basics of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Helicopter Flying Handbook. Mr. Coyle aims to help students understand the aerodynamic principles of helicopters better.

The Topics Include:
  • Weight and Center of Gravity
  • Engine Power and Availability
  • Stability and Control
  • Basics of Automated Flight Systems
Explanations of the Aerodynamics of:
  • Hover
  • Forward Flight
  • Vertical Flight
  • Autorotation
  • Maneuvering
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